Isabela Reyes-Klein is a Queer Latinx artist whose transdisciplinary artworks deconstruct and reimagine cultural, established, and physical limitations within the boundaries of skin, space, and visual structures. 
Reyes-Klein's work combines virtual as well as material objects to create complex visual, audio, and haptic interactions. Heavily influenced by their Jewish and Mexican heritage, American upbringing, as well as queer identity, Reyes-Klein’s practice is centered around subverting themes of wholeness and certainty. Their interaction with internalized conflicting dualities are depicted through vibrant hues, symbolic acts, and rely upon digital interactions as a means to engage with the physical. Through fantastical and often times overstimulating works, themes of wholeness as a product of separation, visual and virtual iterations of unestablished futures, re-imagining and de-constructing languages of love and loss, and creating a sense of safety in the intangible, Reyes-Klein utilizes their own body and the imagined corporeal representation of space to create an eclectic and complex practice in effort to further explore their own relationship with cultural contexts and reimagined forms.
Isabela Reyes-Klein graduated with a BFA in Art and Technology with a fine arts concentration from Mills College in 2022 while dual enrolled at University of California Berkeley. Based in New Orleans. Their solo exhibitions include; Hey Cafe! Holland Project Gallery, the Nevada Museum of Art Film Festival. Group shows at Slide Space Gallery, and Mills Art Museum. Recipient of the Nancy Cook Photography Fellowship. They have collaborated with performance collaboratives such as MOCREP and look forward to creating more opportunities to collaborate and display their work. 

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